District Convention - Day One Update

District Convention - Day One Update

111 pastors, 47 male teachers, and 73 lay delegates representing congregations throughout the Arizona-California District of the WELS began their 30th biennial convention on June 11 with an opening worship service held at King of Kings Lutheran Church in Apache Junction, AZ. Pastor Don Pieper preached for the communion service, which included a number of instrumentalists, a soloist, and a male choir comprised of participants in the convention.

District President Jon Buchholz began the convention proceedings with his report, highlighting various blessings and challenges within the district and calling for improved communication between its congregations and their pastors.

Pastor Jon Zabell, from St Paul Lutheran Church in Green Bay, Wisconsin, gave the first part of his Keynote presentation on “The Sacramental Life.” Delegates were given opportunity to discuss the essential role that Baptism plays in the daily life of the believer.

WELS President Mark Schroeder was in attendance to present his report to the twelve districts of the synod. He called the delegates to rejoice in the blessings the Lord has given us in our common doctrine and faith in Christ Jesus and to be aware of ways that we can continue to express and strengthen that unity through common practice.

Elections were held throughout the day. Pastor Jon Buchholz was reelected for another term as District President; Pastor Steven Degner as 1st Vice President; and Pastor David Clark as 2nd Vice President. Further elections for various district offices will be held on Tuesday.